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p.wisc.1.28 = HGV P.Wisc. 1 28 = Trismegistos 16827 = wisconsin.apis.5404

DDbDP transcription: p.wisc.1.28 [xml]

AD321 Plelo

πα̣ρ̣έσχεν Φιλώτης ἀπὸ
Πλ̣ελὼ ὑ(πὲρ) ἀναβολικοῦ
ἐνά̣(της) [ἰ]ν̣δ̣ικτίωνος ὑ(πὲρ)
ἀρο̣υ̣ρῶν τρεῖς
5δραχ[μὰ]ς (γίνονται) γ. (ἔτους) ι̣ε Παχὼν ια.

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APIS Translation (English)

Philotes from Plelo has paid for anabolikon of the ninth indiction for arouras three drachmas, total 3 drachmas. Year 15, the 11th Pachon.