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p.col.7.145 = HGV P.Col. 7 145 = Trismegistos 10499 = columbia.apis.p183

DDbDP transcription: p.col.7.145 [xml]

AD335 Karanis

χ(ει)ρ(όγραφον) σίτου θ ἰνδικ(τίονος) Οὐρανίου Π̣αύλου
καὶ Ἡρώδου Διοσκορίωνος βουλ(ευτῶν) ὑποδεκ(τῶν)
σίτου ὅρμου πόλεως μηνὶ Ἐπὶφ λ
τῆς θ ἰνδικ(τίονος) κωμητῶν
5Καρανίδος δι(ὰ) Ἀιώνεως Σαραπίωνος
σίτου θ (ἰνδικτίονος) (ἀρτάβας) μβ 𐅵 μόνας.

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APIS Translation (English)

Receipt of wheat for the 9th indiction from Ouranios son of Paulos and Herodes son of Dioskorion, councillors, receivers of grain for the city harbor, in the month of Epeiph, the 30th, in the 9th indiction for the account of villagers of Karanis, through Aion son of Sarapion, 42 1/2 art. only of wheat of the 9th ind.