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o.mich.1.500 = HGV O.Mich. 1 500 = Trismegistos 42280 = michigan.apis.707

DDbDP transcription: o.mich.1.500 [xml]

AD302 Karanis

θη(σαυροῦ) ὁριοδ(εικτίας) Καρα(νίδος) γενή(ματος) ιζ καὶ ιϛ καὶ θ <ἔτους>
ὀνματ(*)(ος) Ἀρμίλλας Ὡρίονος
ὄν(ον) εἱς(*), γ(ίνεται) α. Φαρμο͂θι(*) ε.
(ἔτους) ιη καὶ ιζ καὶ ι ((s-etous))
5 ((unintelligible))


^ 2. l. ὀν<ό>ματ
^ 3. l. ἕνα
^ 3. l. Φαρμοῦθι

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APIS Translation (English)

Of the granary of the horiodeiktia of Karanis, of the crop of year 17 and 16 and 9, in the name of Armilla(?), daughter of Horion, one donkey, equal 1. Pharmouthi 25. Year 18 and 17 and 10.