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APIS Translation (English)

Aurelius Diogenes son of Herakleides, his mother being Sarapias, from the city of Oxyrhynchus, who has been nominated by Aurelius Hierax, phylarch for the current fourth year, to contribute the two thirds of one donkey as his share in the public service of onelasia, and Demetrios alias Diodoros and however he is styled, mutually acknowledge: (that) Diogenes has transferred to Demetrios alias Diodoros the two thirds of the aforementioned one donkey, his share in the aforesaid onelasia, to the effect that Diodoros will perform it for its appointed annual duration, from now until the fifth of the intercalary days of the current fourth year, offering his services daily to the strategos of the nome and to whoever else might be necessary; (that) he, on account of the two thirds of the onelasia, will provide (x number of ?/ adj.) donkeys to those carrying the sigilla (seals or sealed official ordinances?) from ... and to whoever else it is appropriate, receiving from the aforesaid Diogenes as compensation for the labour of each donkey and for food provisions and wages and expenses and [... for the aforesaid ?] period of time [one thousand ...?] silver drachmas, which he will receive from the aforesaid [Diogenes who] will pay: in the following month, Phaophi, four hundred drachmas ... in Phamenoth x hundred drachmas, in Pachon, two hundred and in Epeiph, the rest of the money ... without delay; besides, he will also receive from the aforesaid Diogenes as special payments.... choinix/kes (?) ..., of wine (?) ...