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APIS Translation (English)

(Col.) 58;;(Pharmouthi 26, continued);Herakles, son of Petheus and Taseus, grandson of Onnophris: for the guards, 4 drachmai; column 93;Pasion, son of Sarapion and Nilous, grandson of Phaesis: 12 drachmai; column 99;Ptolemaios, son of Heron and Tasoucharion, grandson of Horos: 8 drachmai; column 96;Sambas, son of Pasoknopaios and Tapetheus, grandson of Horos: 4 drachmai; column 86;Total for the day: 92 drachmai 28 obols.;;On the 27th, similarly:;Phanomgeus, son of Tesenouphis and Thaesis, grandson of Harphaesis: 4 drachmai; column 3;Onnophris, son of Pnepheros and Thaesis, grandson of Phanomgeus: 8 drachmai; column 4;Aphrodisios, his son, (born) of Ptolema: 4 drachmai; column 4;Pasion, son of Petsiris and Thases, grandson of Pasion: 4 drachmai; column 5;Petsiris, his son, (born) of Taonnophris: 4 drachmai; column 5;Phaesis, son of Pekmeis also called Heuremon and Sambathion: 4 drachmai; column 6;Petoraipis, son of Hatres and Soeris, grandson of Imouthes: 4 drachmai; column 9;Ptolemaios, son of Satabous and Theonis, grandson of Horos: 4 drachmai; column 10;Petaus, son of Petheus and Stiynchis, grandson of Petesouchos: 20 drachmai; column 14;Sabinus, son of Petheus and Herakleia, grandson of Phanomgeus: 8 drachmai; column 20;Kephalon, son of Isidoros and Tasoucharion, grandson of Petesouchos: 8 drachmai; column 23;Petheus, son of Horos and Sambathion, grandson of Petheus: 8 drachmai; column 26;Aunes, son of Aunes and Tapetheus, grandson of Hermas: 4 drachmai; column 32;Ptolemaios the younger, son of Petheus and Iulia, grandson of Petheus: 20 drachmai 27 obols; column 34;Heras, son of Melanas and Tamystha, grandson of Petheus: 4 drachmai; column 42;Horos, son of Chairemon and Stotoetis, grandson of Horos: 8 drachmai; column 42;Total for the day: 120 drachmai 27 obols.;;On the 28th, similarly:;Perigenes, son of Zoilos and Sambathion, grandson of Ptolemaios: 4 drachmai; column 46;Pakysis, son of Melanas and Taeuemeros, grandson of Pakysis: 12 drachmai; column 50;Melanas, his brother, (born) of the same mother: 12 drachmai; column 50