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APIS Translation (English)

(Col.) 42;;(Pharmouthi 3, continued);Ptolemaios, son of Harmiysis and Tasoucharion, grandson of Pnepheros: 4 drachmai; column 92;Herieus, son of Sambas and Tapapeis, grandson of Peteesis: 28 obols; column 92;Ptolemaios, son of Psenesis and Thermouthis, grandson of Onnophris: 8 drachmai; column 93;Kastor also called Sabinus, son of Ptolemaios and Melidous, grandson of Satabous: 4 drachmai; column 99;Sisois, son of Naaraus the 2nd and Thaisas, grandson of Theabenis, 4 drachmai; column 101;Horos, son of Petaus and Tauris, grandson of Petaus: 8 drachmai; column 101;Hatres, son of Phanomgeus and Tapetheus, grandson of Heraklas: 4 drachmai; column 103;Ptolemaios, son of Satabous and Aphrodous, grandson of Petheus: 12 drachmai; column 103;Pakysis, son of Onnophris and Soeris, grandson of Satabous: 4 drachmai 27 obols; column 97;Total for the day: 176 drachmai 24 obols.