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APIS Translation (English)

(Col.) 30;;(Phamenoth 18, continued);Phanomgeus, son of Petheus and Tamystha, grandson of Satabous: 4 drachmai; column 53;Ptolemaios, son of Mysthes and Charis, grandson of Petheus: 12 drachmai; column 53;Petsiris, son of Pasoknopaios and Heros, grandson of Petsiris: 8 drachmai; column 55;Kastor, son of Mares and Soeris, grandson of Heras: 16 drachmai 8 obols; column 56;Pnepheros, son of Pasoxis and Thakiaris, grandson of Petesouchos: 28 obols; column 59;Sarapion, son of Kames and Thaesis, grandson of Heras: 8 drachmai; column 63;Apitas, son of Chairemon and Tasoucharion, grandson of Apitas: 8 drachmai; column 65;Charidemos, son of Petoraipis and Thaesis, grandson of Onnophris: 28 obols; column 72;Sabinus, son of Petesouchos and Charis, grandson of Petesouchos: 8 drachmai; column 14;Nekpheraus, son of Euemeros and Taonnophris, grandson of Nekpheraus: 4 drachmai; column 75;Total for the day: 112 drachmai 6 obols.;;On the 19th, similarly:;Onnophris, son of Petheus and Ptolema, grandson of Petheus: 8 drachmai; column 13;Ptolemaios, son of Petheus and Tapapeis, grandson of Sokmenis: 16 drachmai 8 obols; column 70;Pamoneios, son of Anchorimphis and Didymarion, grandson of Pamoneios: 4 drachmai; column 98;Petheus, son of Ptolemaios and Thermouthis, grandson of Petheus: 8 drachmai; column 82;Didymos, son of Petheus and Eserempis, grandson of Heraklas: 8 drachmai; column 84;Pnepheros, son of Pnepheros and Tapetheus, grandson of Pnepheros: 8 drachmai; column 82;Heraklas, son of Petheus and Eserempis, grandson of Heraklas: 16 drachmai 8 obols; column 84;Ptolemaios, son of Harmiysis and Tasoucharion, grandson of Pnepheros: 4 drachmai; column 92;Dioskoros, son of Aiaus and Thases, grandson of Orsenouphis: 4 drachmai; column 95;Polydeukes, son of Heras and Tapasion, grandson of Petheus: 4 drachmai; column 100;Horos, son of Petaus and Tauris, grandson of Petaus: 4 drachmai; column 101;Charmos, son of Heron and Apollonous, grandson of Horos: 16 drachmai 7 obols; column 78;Total for the day: 100 drachmai 23 obols.;;On the 20th, similarly:;Horos the younger, son of Hatres and Teraus, grandson of Horos: 4 drachmai; column 2;Phasis, son of Tesenouphis and Thaesis, grandson of Harphaesis: 4 drachmai; column 3;Maron, son of Satabous and Tkonnos, grandson of Maron: 4 drachmai; column 5;Menches, his brother, (born) of the same mother: 4 drachmai; column 5;Petesouchos, son of Petheus and Tkollainis, grandson of Petheus: 4 drachmai; column 7;Patkonnis, son of Mysthes and Taonnophris, grandson of Patkonnis: 8 drachmai; column 7