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APIS Translation (English)

(Col.) 29;;On the 17th (of Phamenoth), similarly:;Phanomgeus, son of Pnepheros and Thaesis, grandson of Phanomgeus: 8 drachmai; column 5;Heras, son of Horos also called Karanos and Tamystha, grandson of Petheus: 20 drachmai; column 22;Satabous, son of Petheus and Tapetaus, grandson of Satabous: 4 drachmai; column 1;Akoution, son of Heron and Tauris, grandson of Akousilaos, for the guard towers: 8 drachmai; column 1;Pasion, son of Petsiris and Thases, grandson of Pasion: 8 drachmai; column 5;Maron, son of Petheus the younger and Apollonous, grandson of Anchorimphis: 8 drachmai; column 8;Sabinus, son of Pasoknopaios and Tapetheus, grandson of Horos: 4 drachmai; column 9;Herakleides, son of Abykis and Herais, grandson of Abykis: 8 drachmai; column 9;Onnophris, son of Menches and Thasis, grandson of Onnophris: 4 drachmai; column 10;Heras, son of Petsiris and Isidora, grandson of Heras: 4 drachmai 20 obols; column 18;Petesouchos, son of Petesouchos and Tasoucharion, grandson of Petesouchos: 16 drachmai; column 23;Didymion, son of Petheus the elder and Tasoucharion, grandson of Didymion: 4 drachmai; column 25;Aphrodisios, son of Onnophris and Ptolema, grandson of Pnepheros: 8 drachmai; column 4;Dioskoros, son of Petheus and Taorsenouphis, grandson of Kollouthos: 8 drachmai; column 27;Orsenouphis, son of Ptolemaios and Soeris, grandson of Orsenouphis: 4 drachmai; column 28;Ptolemaios, son of Leonides and Thermouthis, grandson of Petheus: 4 drachmai; column 28;Anoubas, son of Horos and Tepheros, grandson of Anoubas: 4 drachmai; column 29;Valerius, of unknown father, his mother being Valeria: 28 obols; column 29;Petaus, son of Petheus and Tapasion, grandson of Petaus: 4 drachmai 28 obols; column 34;Chairemon, son of Heron and Didyme, grandson of Orsenouphis: 8 drachmai; column 35;Chairemon, son of Pasoxis and Tanephremis, grandson of Pasoxis: 4 drachmai; column 40;Sambas, son of Ptolemaios and Taeuemeros, grandson of Sambas: 8 drachmai; column 41;Pasoknopais, son of Phasis and Tanomgeus, grandson of Esouris: 4 drachmai; column 42;Total for the day: 160 drachmai 18 obols.;;On the 18th, similarly:;Psenesis, son of Petesouchos and Heras, grandson of Psenesis: 16 drachmai; column 102;Sarapion, son of Perigenes and Tanais, grandson of Akousilaos: 4 drachmai; column 45;Aphrodisios, son of Ptolemaios and Tapetesouchos, grandson of Petheus: 4 drachmai; column 45;Perigenes, son of Zoilos and Sambathion, grandson of Ptolemaios: 4 drachmai; column 46;Petheus, son of Petheus and Taphasis, grandson of Onnophris: 8 drachmai; column 48