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APIS Translation (English)

(Col.) 28;;(Phamenoth 14, continued);Heron, son of Ekysis and Herais, grandson of Menandros: 8 drachmai; column 51;Ptolemaios, son of Pasoxis and Heras, grandson of Satabous: 4 drachmai; column 54;Horos, son of Anchophis and Teseuris, grandson of Herakles: 4 drachmai; column 55;Nikephoros, slave of Longinus Isidoros: 4 drachmai 28 obols; column 57;Pasoxis, son of Pasoxis and Taseus, grandson of Panther: 4 drachmai 28 obols; column 53;Abykis, son of Demas and Taonnophris, grandson of Abykis: 8 drachmai; column 65;Petaus, son of Esouris and Tkollauthis, grandson of Petheus: 8 drachmai; column 71;Euemeros, son of Neilos and Taeuemeros, grandson of Euemeros: 12 drachmai 10 obols; column 75;Neilos, his son, (born) of Sambous: 8 drachmai; column 75;Total for the day: 112 drachmai 7 obols.;;On the 15th, similarly:;Castrensis, slave of Thaisarion also called Nebsosis: 8 drachmai; column 76;Herieus the younger, son of Horos and Thaesis, grandson of Pnepheros: 4 drachmai; column 80;Apitas, son of Kastor and Petronia, grandson of Apitas: 4 drachmai; column 88;Polis, son of Petheus and Herais, grandson of Keras: 8 drachmai; column 85;Sabinus, son of Petheus and Herakleia, grandson of Phanomgeus: 4 drachmai; column 20;Herieus the elder, son of Horos and Thaesis, grandson of Pnepheros: 4 drachmai; column 87;Ninis, son of Asklas and Tabous, grandson of Ninis: 4 drachmai; column 88;Ptolemaios, son of Sambas and Aphrodous, grandson of Sabinus: 8 drachmai; column 95;Horos, son of Anchorimphis and Achillis, grandson of Horos: 4 drachmai; column 98;Ptolemaios, son of Orsenouphis and Anthia, grandson of Herieus: 4 drachmai; column 99;Polydeukes, son of Heras and Tapasion, grandson of Petheus: 4 drachmai; column 100;Horos, son of Petheus and Eserempis, grandson of Aunes: 8 drachmai; column 104;Horion, son of Lupus and Ammonarion, grandson of Horion: 20 drachmai; column 91;Ptolemaios, son of Heras and Tasoucharion, grandson of Ptolemaios: 8 drachmai; column 96;Total for the day: 92 drachmai