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APIS Translation (English)

To the praepositus of the 2nd district from Aurelius Pneponteris and Pserpnouthes, comarchs of Nesos. . . We submit and present, for tesserarius, Aurelius Psenpnouthes, son of Sarapion, . . from the month Phamenoth till Thoth, in this coming year. If he does not submit, we will fulfil the service and, having been questioned, we will agree. In the consulship of our lords Licinius Augustus, the 6th time, and Licinianus the most renowned Caesar, the 2nd time, on the 14th of the month Phamenoth. We, Aurelius Pneponteris and Pserpnouthes, son of Oipios (/ Oipias), comarchs, have given the extant proposition. I, Aurelius Psentmenios, wrote on behalf of those illiterate. Verso: Nesos